BuddhaIn the book “Shambala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior” by Cogyam Trungpa, he writes “While everyone has a responsibility to help the world, we can create additional chaos if we try to impose our ideas or our help upon others… in order to establish an enlightened society for others, we need to discover what inherently we have to offer the world. So, to begin with, we should make an effort to examine our own experience, in order to see what it contains that is of value in helping ourselves and others to uplift their existenceā€¯.

That’s exactly right on. We can be so quick to give advice to others; to tell them what they have to do to fix their problem. But maybe they don’t need or want our advice. Or maybe it’s just plain bad advice for their situation. They’re the experts on their lives, they’re the ones living it and ultimately it’s on them to get it taken care.

When I’ve seen people that are centered, they help just by being themselves. They don’t need to give me advice. They can just talk about how they’ve handled situations in their lives and I find myself inspired. They lead by example. If you want the world around you to change for the better, then you need to change for the better.

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