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Recently, there was an “Ultimate Men’s Summit” tele-course, where a hundred speakers or so spoke to personal development.  I listened to ten of these talks and one called “Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power for 21st Century Men” by Gary Zukav really caught my attention.  A few years ago I read his book “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” which I thought was okay, but his talk was really outstanding.  Here is a thought provoking excerpt:

“The new male is emotionally competent; the new male is intuitive; the new male is tender; the new male can laugh and cry; the new male cares about the young and the ill and the elderly; the new male does not prove himself or need to prove himself at the expense of others; the new male has no need to compete; the new male is drawn to harmony and cooperation and sharing and reverence for life and the new male has the courage to create these as he awakens in a world of discord and competition and hoarding and exploitation…”

“The old male who was a provider and a protector would seek as a partner the old female.  The old female gained her fulfillment and satisfaction from bearing and raising children.  She was the one who cooked, who tended the fire while the provider and the protector did those things and together they made a remarkable team.  It was a natural division of labor with which we are all familiar and its purpose was to enhance the probability of survival and once survival was assured, comfort but that is no longer what the new wants.  The old female is not attractive to him.  The new female now attracts him…

The new female is no longer just a bearer and raiser of children.  The new female is competent in every social endeavor that she attempts.  The new female can be not only a mother or a nanny or an assistant, a personal assistant if she chooses, she also can be the head of a state, the head of an aircraft, she can be a soldier, she can be a construction worker, a plumber, a craftsman, a draftsman, an architect, she is limited only by her own interests and aptitudes. She doesn’t need a male to provide for her. She can buy her own BMW, her own second home. The new female is looking for a partner to share the challenging, very challenging journey of spiritual growth and that is exactly what the new male is looking for.

The new male doesn’t need the old female to make him feel loveable, or warm or intuitive or to bring love and tenderness into his life, he’s tender, he’s loving, he’s intuitive.  The new male and the new female form a new kind of relationship and that’s spiritual partnership.”

The full audio is available online (free registration required) at:

To get more on the same topic from Gary Zukav:

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