Getting Things Done

gtdI love the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology by David Allen; it’s helped me to keep track of and stay on top of anything that comes my way. If you feel like you want to jump in, here is probably his most succinct explanation of what exactly the methodology is:

“Keep any potentially meaningful thing to you out of your head, out of your psyche, outside. Sooner than later, decide what outcomes and what action steps you’re commited to do about any of those things, not just what they mean to you. Park the results of that thinking in some sort of trusted system that you trust you will step back and reflect and review on some consistent basis. Make sure you’re looking at addressing all of your own commitments with yourself at the multiple levels you’ve made those commitments and step back and make an intuitive choice about what you do and what you don’t do.”

More from David Allen on his website:

This excerpt was from a recent TechCrunch video called “Getting things done as a system,” you can find it at:

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