Altruistic Balls

guysAnother fantastic interview from the Ultimate Men’s Summit is by Terry Patten called “Growing Altruistic Balls.” Here is an excerpt from the very beginning of the interview:

“…I think we’re in a time now in history where those who have broken with the old model of masculinity and power are beginning to realize that we’ve dis-empowered ourselves, we’ve left the “B” team in charge of the world.

The men who have not outgrown their egoic, testosterone driven insanity, the guys who are running the world are guys who behave like Dominique Strauss Kahn and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anthony Wiener and that’s just the last few weeks of news. The guys who are running the world are guys who are running it on the basis of a kind of unmediated of testosterone while the guys who’ve woken to something altruistic are being very virtuous and speaking truth to power but not really holding power…

So we actually need to find within ourselves men who care, who really are in service of something more than just their own egoic empowerment, we need to be able to go toe to toe with the guys who embody the old narcissistic, egocentric modality and we need to have just as much testosterone flowing through us, we need to have just the same level of balls, in fact more. We need to be able to be smarter and less wedded to our own impulses and therefore able out-compete the old model. Cooperation needs to out-compete competitiveness, and that takes balls.”

To listen to the clip yourself (free registration required):

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