Living Yin Yang

I’ve been thinking about Yin/Yang in life and work a lot lately. Yang is fast paced and hard style. It’s focus and structure. It is a healthy exhale, or natural expenditure. To keep it natural and healthy, a good question to ask might be: Is what I’m spending my time and energy on beneficial to myself and the world? Am I focusing what is relevant in life and am I using good “technique?” It’s plans rather than daydreams, and a quick snap back on track if you find yourself wandering. That’s Yang Mode.

In Yin mode, it’s fitting to wander. It’s fitting to go with the flow. It’s fine to take in, to observe, to be quiet, to recover and to pause to reflect. This is all about appropriateness and what fits. Like a form, there are pauses, explosive moves, soft moves, back and forth and up and down. It’s the whole spectrum and it’s a work of art. Life can be like that too; life is most fun when it is like that.

Throughout Yin and Yang states, there is flow. Yin is relaxing and floating down stream. Yang is white water rafting, still going down stream, but 100% active and engaged. Yin is going with the flow and Yang is performing in the flow state. Yin is being and Yang is doing. And even still, there is Yang in the Yin and Yin in the Yang, just like in the symbol. There’s a merging and the two become one.

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