Martial Arts Training

Nick Lemire asked the question “How do you feel your [Martial Arts] training has affected your life and spirituality?”


I thought about it for a few days.  It’s such a big question.  I see life and spirituality as the same thing.  Well that is unless I’m stressed out or in a rush.  And that is where I see the biggest impact of my martial arts training.  I’m definitely more relaxed inside and out.  When life “throws a punch” it seems to come a little slower and I feel more confident about what to do next.  It’s easier and more automatic to remember to breathe when I see myself getting stressed.  I can jump in and commit myself more to situations now than ever before.


Really, I see a lot of improvements in my life because of martial arts and I’m glad it’s a life long journey because there so much more growing and learning to do. I see all kinds of connections between life and martial arts.  There’s truth in the line “Everything is Kung Fu.”  Training has had its frustrating moments but I’d do it all over again because overcoming difficulty is part of the training itself.  I’m really glad to have started on this journey and I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made along the way.

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