Faul McCartney? Seriously?

McCartneyA few days ago I came across one of the “Paul McCartney died in ’66 and was replaced with a look-a-like, sound-a-like and act-a-like person all rolled into one.”  There were pictures comparing the minute differences from before and after the supposed replacement as well as voice samples and video clips.  Apparently this is a tremendously huge deal to some people and there are multiple sites trying to prove that this happened and multiple more sites trying to prove that it did not happen.  I’m intrigued by how creative people are.

The most compelling part of the site I found was that it linked to a Wired article (in Italian) about how a couple of forensic experts decided to take this on as a sort of joke and finally disprove the Paul McCartney replacement conspiracy theory.  They compared pictures before and after the supposed replacement and the funny part is that they ended up saying that the differences are significant enough that it’s plausible the photos are of two different people.

If the original McCartney is really dead, the one we currently have has managed to crank out a ton of hits and significantly shape the music world.  I give a giant thumbs up to the conspirators who orchestrated the replacement because the void of not replacing him would be significant; just imagine:
The Girl is Mine – Michael Jackson featuring Ringo Starr
Ebony & Ivory – Stevie Wonder and Mick Jagger
Silly Love Songs – Some Random Guy and Wings

Things just wouldn’t be the same.

Here is that site:

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