3 Lessons From Bob

Bob is absurdly wealthy. His currency is the spoken word and he spends with the ease and grace of Paris Hilton. When I sit down next to him, he’s clearly just warming up. He’s in the middle of a story, about – I’m not sure what, but he’s speaking with the authority of a president. I immediately become part of his valuable audience and he goes on to the next story about a business conversation he had with Ted Turner. He was very clear to let us know that he didn’t call Ted, Ted called him. Continue reading

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What Is

EmptyCupSimplicitySmallA couple weeks ago someone very wise was saying it’s painful when we do not accept whatever is happening. Another way I’ve heard it said is: “to argue with reality causes suffering.” What an easy thing to forget. It’s simple to understand but difficult to live or embody. It’s definitely another thing to add to the list of endeavors that are the work of a life time. Continue reading

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Getting Things Done

gtdI love the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology by David Allen; it’s helped me to keep track of and stay on top of anything that comes my way. If you feel like you want to jump in, here is probably his most succinct explanation of what exactly the methodology is: Continue reading

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Altruistic Balls

guysAnother fantastic interview from the Ultimate Men’s Summit is by Terry Patten called “Growing Altruistic Balls.” Here is an excerpt from the very beginning of the interview:

“…I think we’re in a time now in history where those who have broken with the old model of masculinity and power are beginning to realize that we’ve dis-empowered ourselves, we’ve left the “B” team in charge of the world. Continue reading

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New Men & Women

Recently, there was an “Ultimate Men’s Summit” tele-course, where a hundred speakers or so spoke to personal development.  I listened to ten of these talks and one called “Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power for 21st Century Men” by Gary Zukav really caught my attention.  A few years ago I read his book “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” which I thought was okay, but his talk was really outstanding.  Here is a thought provoking excerpt: Continue reading

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Living Yin Yang

I’ve been thinking about Yin/Yang in life and work a lot lately. Yang is fast paced and hard style. It’s focus and structure. It is a healthy exhale, or natural expenditure. To keep it natural and healthy, a good question to ask might be: Is what I’m spending my time and energy on beneficial to myself and the world? Am I focusing what is relevant in life and am I using good “technique?” It’s plans rather than daydreams, and a quick snap back on track if you find yourself wandering. That’s Yang Mode. Continue reading

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This picture is awesome on so many levels

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My Definition of Martial Arts

Nick Lemire asked another great question: “What is your definition of Martial Art?”
I would say martial arts is part self protection and part self expression.  A true martial art helps you develop the tools to powerfully defend yourself or loved ones and at the same time allows you to practice mastery over your body to express yourself so well that even your movements become art.
Continue reading

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Happiness Quotes and Affirmations

Quotes and affirmations for happiness.

Happiness Quotes

“If you want to be happy, be.”
Leo Tolstoy

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln Continue reading

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Martial Arts Training

Nick Lemire asked the question “How do you feel your [Martial Arts] training has affected your life and spirituality?”


I thought about it for a few days.  It’s such a big question.  I see life and spirituality as the same thing.  Well that is unless I’m stressed out or in a rush.  And that is where I see the biggest impact of my martial arts training.  I’m definitely more relaxed inside and out.  When life “throws a punch” it seems to come a little slower and I feel more confident about what to do next.  It’s easier and more automatic to remember to breathe when I see myself getting stressed.  I can jump in and commit myself more to situations now than ever before.


Really, I see a lot of improvements in my life because of martial arts and I’m glad it’s a life long journey because there so much more growing and learning to do. I see all kinds of connections between life and martial arts.  There’s truth in the line “Everything is Kung Fu.”  Training has had its frustrating moments but I’d do it all over again because overcoming difficulty is part of the training itself.  I’m really glad to have started on this journey and I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made along the way.

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