Technological Evolution and Phishing

There’s a twitter powered phishing link going around. Apparently it is spread through direct messages saying: “rofl – this you on here?” with a link to a “video.” I didn’t receive any of these particular direct messages myself, but I saw people that I follow tweeting about getting it, some logged into the phishing page and some did not. From my point of view, it’s the equivalent of the door to door salesman coming down the street but skipping my house. It’s cool that it didn’t get to me, but it would have been fun to slam the door.

Here is a link to more information about this particular scam:

What I wonder is how well scams like these will fair in twitter land. How fast will the twitter community learn the “signature” a particular scam or scamming in general? Would the warning tweets protect against the danger? I wonder if the dynamic between predators and groups of prey in the wild would apply – when one member catches wind of danger and runs, the rest of them tune in and follow suit.

Could we ever get everyone to “not take candy from strangers,” in the online world? How fast can scammers adapt and find new ways of running the same old scam? I wonder how much awareness comes into the equation. For example, if a friend of mine were scammed by a convincing scam and a message was forwarded on to me, would I be able to tell that the message was not written in my friends “digital voice?”

This gets me wondering about being tech savvy. It seems to me that it could be broken apart from cognitive intelligence into its own line of development much like kinesthetic, interpersonal, emotional, moral, etc. are their own lines of intelligence.

Then I wonder about the stages of development for that particular line of intelligence. Maybe the pre-conventional form is where a person can do very basic things like turn on the computer, send an email and surf the web and then maybe they only do that once a week.

The conventional form would be where the computer or technology in general is used in a very integrated way and used all time: texting, facebooking, emailing, gaming, searching, buying and selling. In fact, it’s so well integrated and accepted, it’s looked at and taken for granted the way we take phones, cars and supermarkets for granted (in our culture anyway).

The post-conventional level would be the bleeding edge of using, inventing technology and coming up with new uses for technology. Who was the first person or group of people to “Retweet” on Twitter? As bleeding edge as Twitter was, a new and interesting way was found to build on it. And now Twitter will be making “Retweeting” an official feature.


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