It’s all good… if we make it that way

I was reading a book that mentioned you can find synchronicities everywhere all the time, which I may or may not agree with depending on the day, but what that statement got me thinking of was something totally different: No matter what is going on you can choose to take something positive away from a situation. I was thinking of it in the context of energy. It’s easy to be inspired by going to a museum and seeing amazing works of art. It’s easy to find peace going for a hike. Or going to a technical bookstore and being awed by the knowledge humanity has accumulated.

It’s not as easy to find positivity when negative things are happening; noisy arguing, stacked up bills, accidents, sickness or death. What has to happen in each negative situation to make it positive? Is that even possible all the time? Is it possible to drop all the baggage in an argument and take a different perspective? Is it possible to avoid, prevent the accident or help out? What can you do heal yourself and those around you? Can you look at even death as something not negative?

Is it possible to take the energy of any negative seeming situation and with the skill of an Aikido master redirect it? Or turn the lead to gold like an alchemist? How about when someone who is arguing against you, you help their argument out with the charitableness of logician? If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two?

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